Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tortoise shell jewelry {no, it's not really a from a turtle}

No, no, no, it's not really the shell of a tortoise!  That was banned back in the 1970's when the Hawksbill Turtle (what antique tortoiseshell jewelry was typically made from) became an endangered species.  The jewelry industry's answer, thankfully, came from ubiquitous lucite or acrylic that blended tones of brown, black and gold to get that warm, delightful, yet more turtle-friendly, look!

The warm tones make us all toasty inside and are now used for everything from our favorite statement necklaces to the standard guitar pick and tortoise rimmed spectacles.  A staple of New England preppies, {people we at Swell Caroline just adore to adore} wouldn't know how to dress without it, so we are giving all our favorite tortoiseshell pieces  a mention + thoughtful ideas on how to wear them.  You'll love our Olivia Tortoise Shell Necklace {lucite with a gold link} and robust oversize lobster clasp and the sweet Libby Link bracelet, the perfect size for stacking.  While we're at it, stash all of your preppy jewelry in this high gloss tortoiseshell jewelry box {with optional monogram}. 

Well, that's it for today ladies, we hope we inspired you to add a touch of this studious-looking, prep-friendly jewelry to your wardrobe.  Drop us a line, comment below, or tag us on Instagram @SwellCaroline hint, hint, with pictures and tips on your favorite ways to style your favorite tortoiseshell jewelry and accessories {the non-turtle variety}!

Pictured: Serena Tortoiseshell Statement Necklace Photo Credit: Blogger @BessPearson