Wednesday, October 21, 2015

back to the future - jewelry edition

I'm going back to the future today as it is the 30th (really?) anniversary to the 1985 time capsule.   To celebrate, I made my bi annual trip to my retired jewelry box to reminisce over some of my most loved jewelry that decorated my teen years!  From extreme shoulder padding to hair spray and bangs, it's the decade that I hate to love.  

As a fashion-forward gen x-er and lifelong jewelry lover, my prom photos are lust worthy (um, for the jewelry only... unfortunately for me).  From shooting stars for the homecoming dance to my favorite pineapple statement earrings from the star studded restaurant (but now shuttered) Boogie's diner in Aspen, my jewelry box overfloweth with tacky goodness of which I just can't seem to let go (see actual contents below).  The oh-so glam winged rhinestone earrings with pearl drops were my forray into sophistication for the sadie hawkins dance, better known in Atlanta as the PDC (Pre Debutante Cotillion if you must know).  My freshman year date is now married happily married to my husband's next door neighbor from childhood if you need proof that Atlanta is still a small town!

At Swell Caroline, we pay homage to all things '80's as it was my coming of age decade.  As preppy and streamlined as we aim to be, we are heavily rooted in all things bold beautiful and just plain fun (with a side of shoulder pads).  Enjoy!

Pictured: Sea Urchin Earrings (probably purchased at Value Village Smyrna in 1989), 
Pineapple and Palm Tree Earrings from Boogie's Diner Aspen (circa 1987) &
Shooting Star Earrings & Winged Pearl Drop Earrings 
(both purchased from the Perimeter Mall kiosk outside the Laura Ashley store circa 1988)