Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to land your product on the bachelor

 Clare Crawley's Necklace
We had so much fun watching this summer's Bachelor In Paradise and loved seeing the gorgeous Clare Crawley don our Blair Monogram Necklace in so many scenes!  

We have had so many questions about how to get a product placed on TV that we thought we would spill our secrets on just how to get your jewelry or brand featured on The Bachelor or one of their spinoff shows.  Well, our secret sauce is a combination of our PR company, BeSocial PR and a little due diligence!  BeSocial PR has become our brand evangelists and they have helped us connect with so many influencers that really fit with our brand and message.  

Hiring an excellent PR company is just a start however.  Once you hire a company to help with outreach, you must be at their beck and call to put together and ship product to stylists and producers.  When we received word that one of the girls from The Bachelor In Paradise was interested, we had about four hours to put together an assortment of jewelry and overnight a box for Clare to peruse.  In those hours, we did our research!  What kind of jewelry had she been photographed wearing,  what is her personal style, does she have any special interests?

We found most of our answers on her Instagram page.  Her father and brother were former military and the saying "Semper Fi" continued to pop up!  We were delighted to design Clare Crawley's necklace to include her engraved initials and the engraving "Semper Fi" on the back of the charm to give deeper meaning to the necklace for her.  

The secret to landing incredible product placement is not only having the connection, but also learning about the influencer before reaching out.  Everyone likes to feel special, especially a celebrity.  When you go the extra mile, it makes everyone involved so much more excited about the project and placement!  

We hope this helps if you  are looking to get your product featured; feel free to reach out with questions in the comments below!

Clare Crawley Necklace