Thursday, September 24, 2015

teriffic tassels

History traces the origins of the tassel to Moses who advised the Israelites to tie them from the corners of their clothes to remember God's commandments.   As the centuries continued, tassels would decorate everything from french palaces to oxford scholars.  In 18th century France, an apprentice would toil 7 years or more to be considered a master of the craft of making tassels and trimmings.

Fast forward to 2015 fashion trends and even the least fashion forward of us has noticed that tassels are the new "it girl" of the jewelry.  From the omnipresent Bali wood bead tassel necklaces to the gold gilded, jewel encrusted tassel necklaces of haute couture, we think this fashion trend it here to stay a while!

If you follow us on social media, you know Swell Caroline's private label collection (available in select boutique retailers in North America) loves to make a statement out of any trend.  We've designed our tassel necklaces in five collections we think you'll adore!  Our best selling Myrtle tassels (yes, the name is borrowed from The Great Gatsby) to our neon stone tassels, we've done them bold and made them Swell Caroline colorful!