Thursday, September 11, 2014

Your Fall Guide to Luxury Looks for Less + 25% off

The weather is cooling off and we're trading our summer statement looks for more streamlined jewelry pieces in rich hues. Here we've paired some luxury designer looks from around the world with a comparable look from that will have you ready for Fall. 


French design house, Fred Paris, created this lovely Pain Du Sucre interchangeable gemstone ring (shown on left.) With over half carat of diamond and a 6500 Euro price tag, this lux piece is out of most women's reach. You can find this perfect for fall gold and orange look for less with our darling Kate Ring, priced at $45


What girl wouldn't love a faceted amethyst atop an 18 carat gold setting? The lovely Imperiale Ring from Chopard (on left) is sleek, colorful, and unfortunately out of our budget. The next best thing we could find this the Sophia Ring. With purple and clear cubic zirconia,it's guaranteed to delivery all the sparkle you need and the price is only $54.


Polished Amethysts and real diamonds make this stunning necklace (on left) from Bina Geonka high on our wish list. We're satisfying our lust for purples with the Juliet Necklace. At $24 each, we're likely to try all the new fall colors.


Pomellato's jewel encrusted link bracelet (on left)is a show stopper for sure. But costing $50,000 this piece will only ever exist in our Pinterest jewelry box. The Wentworth Bracelet offers the same opulent feel but at a more realistic price of just $72.

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