Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where does your costume jewelry come from?

We occasionally receive emails from the curious customer asking, where in the world does all of your jewelry come from and where is jewelry manufactured?  Well, that is not a quick question to answer.  

We started Swell Caroline about four years ago sourcing most of our jewelry from two US based designers that we just adored.  Our first design partner, Fornash, Inc. was filling a niche by offering the brightest, most fun pieces that were the embodiment of preppy chic.  Their oversized beaded necklaces and whimsical icon-emblazoned bracelets, charm necklaces, and earrings, featured animal creatures like elephants and giraffes and nautical styles like anchor earrings and star fish earrings were instant hits with our shoppers (and a HUGE hit for brides looking for bridesmaid jewelry).  They also carried sophisticated lucite link necklaces and bracelets and introduced the ever-popular spade collection of cable twist bracelets and earrings.

Our second partner, Kelly Shatat of design house Moon & Lola, actually invented and patented the original acrylic monogram necklace.  They have since introduced more monogram styles than we can count and we are so happy to sell them all!  From pillows and coffee mugs to more creative styles, like this prep-tastic pearl necklace that they designed for Southern Living Magazine, featuring a detachable gold monogrammed pin, they make the most beautiful monogram jewelry we have ever seen.  

Moon & Lola Monogram Jewelry

As our customer base grew, in great part to word of mouth from happy shoppers (thank you oh so much - you know who you are), we decided to introduce our own costume jewelry collection, Swell Caroline The Collection.  Without stepping on the toes of the designers we already represented, we endeavored to bring to market a collection that would compliment our two most favorite brands and also bring our customers a product that was unique to Swell Caroline.  We aspired to create versatile, budget-savvy styles.  Styles that would be oh-so-perfect to pair with your traditional work wear but would also do double duty with a perfect Tory Burch tunic or turn that $28 Old Navy find into a killer outfit that turns heads!


Our designs are sourced in a few places.  Our primary design house is located in mainland China.  They help us bring to life our design ideas as well as help us tweak some of their existing designs to make them unique for our customers.  We also scour jewelry shows around the globe to source styles we find from all over the world.  We have worked with talented fabricators in India, China, Korea the Philippines as well as the United States.  
While we would love to put the "Made in the USA" label on all of our designs, that would mean more that quadrupling our costs in most cases.  We can tell you, however, that all of our factories meet the very stringent standards of ethical employment and workplace safety standards.  All of the factories that help us with our designs have passed inspections by major American retailers including Target and Federated Department Stores.  

We hope that satisfies your curiosity a bit, please feel free to post questions below, we are more than happy to reply to your burning questions!