Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Gift of Kate Spade... Swell Caroline Style!

This holiday pair your Swell Caroline gifts with Kate Spade goodies! Now available at the Swell Caroline shop, is our collection of Kate Spade holiday essentials. Every swell girl adores a custom monogrammed bracelet and earrings to match, however this holiday throw in an extra special treat. 

Pair your Swell Caroline gifts with fabulous mugs, coaster sets, notepads, and stationary supplies. You will be crowned the gifting guru of the year and how ‘swell’ is that!? Check out some of our FAVORITE pairings and shop the Kate Spade gift collection now only at SwellCaroline.Com!

1. Swell Caroline: Amy Necklace $34 (Turquoise and Mint)
2. Kate Spade: Reusable Shopping Tote $16 (Pink) 
3. Kate Spade: Multi Color Coaster Set $20 (Multi-Color)

1. Swell Caroline: Chambliss Chain Bracelet $26
(Glass Color: Crystal Clear, Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue, Tourmaline Pink)
2. Kate Spade: Bow Push Pins $24
3.Kate Spade: Bow Paper Clips $12

1. Swell Caroline: Monogram Tortoise Shell Cuff Bracelet $40
(Holiday Deadline is December 1st - Ships Mid-December)
2. Swell Caroline: Silk Knot Necklace  $38 (Bright Coral and Summer Yellow)
4. Kate Spade: Thermal Mug $18 (Black Stripe)