Friday, December 14, 2012

Swell Ambassador Q&A w/ Lily Davenport of It's Official

We are so lucky to have some stylish & wonderful Swell Ambassadors. We absolutely love her classic but trendy style and the way she mixes and matches her accessories as a perfect complement.

 We did a Q&A with Lilly to answer some of our burning fashion questions & we're so excited to share her personal style & accessorizing advice!

Swell Caroline Ambassador Q&A with: Lily Davenport of It's Official

how cute is this outfit post from Lily's blog?

Where are you from, Lily? Minneapolis, Minnesota!

What's your favorite piece from Swell Caroline? All of the cable cuffs (Nimes, London, Merida). They are extremely eye-catching and absolutely perfect for stacking next to other pieces on your wrist or wearing alone.
Do you have any tips for mixing & matching accessories? I think the ability to mix & match is the best thing about accessories! I like mixing classic pieces (anything with pearls, solid gold or diamonds) with funky costume jewelry. This sophisticated/youthful look is my personal style in a nutshell.

What's your favorite jewelry piece you own? Easily the Moon and Lola gold Cutout Monogram Necklace! It is so timeless and simply cannot be beat.

What pieces do you like to wear to stay stylish when it's cold? Anything with fur. As a Minnesotan, I'm constantly looking for cute ways to layer and simultaneously add warmth. 

Post or dangly earrings? Post.

Favorite winter fashion trend?  The Christmas spirit in me has to go with tartan. I love the classic print of a plaid but the holiday twist of tartan really makes it magical!

Fashion quote you live by: "Nothing makes a women more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." -Sophia Loren

We want to see how you wear your Swell Caroline stacks & acessories? Send us a link to your instagram picture or posts for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post!

Thank you to all of you stylish ladies who wear our jewelry so well!