Thursday, November 1, 2012

Perfect Pairings: oh-so-cute Etsy Prints & Swell Caroline

Do you find yourself loving all the fun prints that have been popping up on Etsy lately as much as we do? We loved that these prints pair back perfectly to some of our favorite pieces. These would make great gift giving combinations too. How cute would one of these prints look on top of your dresser w/ accessories on display?

Perfect Pairings: Oh-So-Cute Etsy Prings & Swell Caroline Jewelry

get the look:

1. "Wear Sequins to Breakfast" print paired with our crystal bow bracelet
2. Chevron Monogram rint coordinating with our bora bora bracelet
3. "Paris is always a good idea" print matched back to our paris earrings
4. Personalized State print with our swell state charm necklace
5. Watercolor Sea Turtle print with our turtle earrings

Which print & jewelry pairing is your favorite?